18 Holes With Ragna Olafsdottir


Ragna Olafsdottir | Senior | Hafnarfjordur, Iceland


Competition…Just thinking about the NCAA tournament for this upcoming year.

Life as a student athlete…Is fun but time consuming. You have to plan everything out.

My family…Is very supportive of me.

If I wasn’t playing golf…I would be playing handball.

If I could model myself after anyone it would be…My mom.

I remember when…I ran a half-marathon.

My hobbies other than golf…Boxing, running, reading.

I’ll never forget…The day I started at Saint Leo.

Playing golf has given me…Opportunities to be a better person.

When I played golf as a kid I pretended…To play against Tiger Woods.

I secretly wish…That I could be the Icelandic golf champion.

Hidden talents…Talking like Donald Duck.

There’s no better feeling than…Finishing a hard workout.

If I had a million dollars…I would spend it all. Just kidding, I would travel, but pretty much live the same life.

My favorite song right now is…"Mirrors" by Lil Wayne Ft. Bruno Mars.

My celebrity crush is…Dude Law.

My dream foursome is…Myself, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott.

My favorite TV show as a kid…All Icelandic shows. But my favorite is the Icelandic version of Pippi Longstocking.