18 Holes With Lauren Petty

Lauren Petty | Sophomore |Balwinsville, N.Y.


Best advice ever received…to take it one day at a time

Looking back at it…I’m glad I started playing golf

Life as a student athlete…is busy but worth it

My family…Is very supportive

If I wasn’t playing golf…I’m not sure what I would do with myself

If I could model myself after anyone it would be…someone who is hard-working and achieves a lot

When I was six years old…I had a lot of lemonade stands

You go through…different setbacks but always have to keep trying

I’ll never forget…Playing in a professional golf tournament

When I played golf as a kid I pretended to be…Annika Sorenstam

My hidden talent is…juggling, I can juggle three!

If I had a million dollars…I would buy a fancy car and save the rest

Favorite TV show as a kid…Rocket Power

My dream foursome…Susan Petersen, Annika, myself, and Paula Creamer

Superstitions…I always have to have two tees in my pocket at all times, even on the putting green

Competition…I love it because I’m a very competitive person and strive to be the best

My pre-game meal is…oatmeal, fruit, and sometimes eggs before a tournament