18 Holes With Heather Petronis



Heather Petronis | Junior | Northfield, N.J.


Best advice ever received…Be confident in everything you do.

Competition… Is what I live for.

I always…Strive to reach perfection.

I know nothing about…Oh man, I know nothing about a lot of things!

Life as a student-athlete… Is really rewarding and fun because I get to travel to all these places to play golf and get to meet so many people along the way.

If I wasn’t playing golf…I don’t think that could ever happen (laugh). I can’t see my life any other way.

When I was six years old…I was on the golf course playing in little tournaments just doing the same thing I’m doing now.

Hobbies outside of golf…I like to read and write. I like to read Harry Potter.

I’ll never forget…When I shot 69 my freshman year at Pebblecreek.

This season…Is going to the season for us that we are going to reach our potential.

I was raised…In a strict home but it definitely helped me out along the way with responsibility. It definitely helped me get to where I am now.

I secretly wish…I could be a famous singer.

When I played golf as a kid I pretended to be…Tiger Woods.

My celebrity crush… is Orlando Bloom.

If I was playing another sport at Saint Leo it would be…I would be playing…cheerleading!

Superstitions….TONS! I have superstitions about everything I do. Flipping my ball marker when I’m marking my ball, putting my tee in a certain spot in the ground, I have a lot. Superstitions revolve around golf.

My dream foursome is…Tiger Woods, Walter Hagan, Sam Snead, and myself.

When I look at myself in the mirror I see…everything that I should be…and I strive to reach perfection.