Wesley Chapel Coaches Learn from Saint Leo Coaches and Team

Wesley Chapel Coaches Learn from Saint Leo Coaches and Team

Former Men's Basketball Coach Shares Talents with Others

SAINT LEO, Fla. – Community involvement is still on top of the list for former Saint Leo University men's basketball Coach Mike Madagan as he taught his skill to other coaches around the area.

Boys and girls and coaches, who are a part of the basketball division of the Wesley Chapel Athletic Association found this to be all so true last month when the Lions put on a clinic for 43 of the male and female coaches at the Marion Bowman Center on Monday, February 7 and a productive afternoon clinic at the association courts for just under 100 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 14 on Sunday, Feb. 13.

Matt Morris, one of the directors of the league, said he wanted to pass along his thanks to the team and Coach Madagan for two great events. "Several coaches and parents approached me during the clinic with very positive feedback," said Morris. Parent Eric Handman added: "Just want to say the players' clinic was 'Great' and a lot of fun.

Jeremy really enjoyed participating. The players were great with the kids. All in all, it was just a 'Great idea', and we are thankful to be a part of it."

Madagan spent a little over two hours earlier in the week with the coaches, going over all basic things to teach players with as they moved along in their practice sessions. The Lions' players illustrated all parts of Madagan's teachings. "You want to start slowly, especially with the real young ones," said Madagan. "Some times not even using basketballs as you teach. Keeping everyone involved during practice is difficult for the real young ones, but as long as you involve them in the process, their interest will be there."

During the Q&A one coach raised his hand and voiced: "I don't have a question, because you really covered it from A to Z. Now if I can only get a tape of your presentation I will be in great shape."

Madagan said his players had a great time working with the youngsters in small groups on Sunday afternoon. "We shared basketball fundamentals for two hours," Madagan pointed out. "We taught the young players how to shoot lay-ups, passing drills, defense, foot work and dribbling."

It was a nice chance for Madagan to leave his coaching impression with many others as he leaves the profession behind after 30 years.