Lions' Baseball Dominates the Day

Lions' Baseball Dominates the Day

SAINT LEO, Fla. - Day 3 of Iron Lion has been completed with the Tire Flip, Prowler Pull and Team Wall Sit competitions in the books.  The Tire flip event consisted of a 60 yard tire flip where each team chose 4 members to participate.  The team of 4 worked together to flip the tire end over end for the 60 yards.  Team Wan took home the 5 points awarded to the lowest time coming in with a 1.00.88

The Prowler Pull competition consisted of pulling the sled loaded with 70 pounds for 60 yards.  Total weight of the sled was 140 lbs.  This event was dominated by Team Turner coming in with a team average time of 14.77 seconds.  The lowest individual Prowler Pull time was put up by Senior RHP Ryan Sadler with a time of 12.52.  On a side note, Assistant Coach Lee Parks posted a time of 18.33 and will be sore for the next two weeks. 

The Final competition of the day was the Team Wall Sit which was won by Team Wan having RHP Stephen Grove hold the Wall Sit the longest with over 12 minutes.  This Wall Sit competition will determine the seeding for the Team Dodgeball event which will be held on Thursday.  Thursday will consist of the Team Obstacle Course and Dodgeball event.  Points are doubled for the Obstacle Course so plenty of points are still up for grabs.

Current Team Standings

First Place-Team Wan-50 pts

Second Place-Team Turner-39 pts

Third Place-Team Revell-30 pts

Fourth Place-Team Brnovich-24 pts

Fifth Place-Team Teasley-20 pts