Day Two of Iron Lion in the Books

Day Two of Iron Lion in the Books

SAINT LEO, Fla. - The Saint Leo University baseball program completed day two of the 2012 Iron Lion competition on Tuesday afternoon.

The second day began in the weight room with the Erg Rower event, squat repetition challenge and finished with the team swim event.  The Erg Rower (rowing machine) was a 500 meter challenge for time.  Each team then moved onto the squat repetition challenge where each player was challenged at how many times they could squat 225 lbs.  The pool event consisted of a 400 meter swim. 

The Erg Rower event was won by Team Brnovich with a team time of 1.33 for the 500m.  Best individual rowing time was by Junior Chris Newcomb with a time of 1.30.

Squat rep event was won by Team Teasley with a team average of 27.25.  Individual rep max for the 225lb. squat event was pitcher Stephen Grove with 53.

The pool event was won by Team Wan with a team average time of 1.26 with the best individual swim was by senior Blake Turner with a time of 1.10.

Day three of the Iron Lion will continue on Wednesday with the "Guts" segment consisting of tire flips, prowler pulls, 900 yard shuttle run and team dodgeball event.