Baseball Completes Day One of Iron Lion

Baseball Completes Day One of Iron Lion

The Saint Leo University baseball program completed day one of the 2012 Iron Lion competition on Monday afternoon.  The day's events consisted of a 60-yard sprint, 120-yard shuttle run, box agility drills, and a team volleyball competition.  The team, which has been divided into five squads, will compete for the coveted title of "Iron Lion". 

Kory Wan's team consisting of Wan, Neely, Torres, Hartley, Stancil, Grove, and Johnson, finished the day in the lead with a total of 18 points.  The group finished with the lowest team average in the 60-yard sprint, 120-yard shuttle, and finished second in the box agility drill and the sand volleyball competition.

Some notable individual times/Scores:
Individual low time for the 60 yard was RS-Freshman OF, Cole Stancil running a 6.85

Lowest individual 120 yard shuttle was Jr. OF Chris Newcomb running a 20.47

Lowest individual box agility drill was Jr. OF Chris Newcomb running a 15.04

Team Turner, Moses, Buck, Newcomb, Holmes, Callahan, and Williams won the Sand Volleyball Competition

The Iron Lion Competition continues throughout the week with Strength and Endurance on Tuesday, Guts Day on Wednesday, and the Team Obstacle Course on Thursday.