Student / Post Graduate Internship Program

Internships through the LIONS Strength & Conditioning program are currently available to those who would like to pursue a career in the field. The LIONS Strength & Conditioning program is built on providing the candidate with hands-on experience so they will be well prepared to become qualified Strength & Conditioning professionals. Interns will have the opportunity to work with all seventeen (17) of LIONS Men’s and Women’s sports totaling more than 325 student-athletes.

The program goal is for students to apply what they have learned through their coursework and personal study to the actual setting in which they’ll work. After successful completion of the program, strength and conditioning interns will be able to:

  • Teach all of the movements involved in our program. This includes the hang clean, hang snatch, front and back squat, push press, push jerk, split jerk, DB and BB lunge, bench press, incline press and glute/ham raise, as well as bodyweight movements.
  • Lead a group of athletes from various sports through their usual training routines including performance prep work, plyometrics, lifts, speed & agility, post workout movements and post-workout stretch routines.
  • Understand sport nutrition as it applies to the collegiate athlete as well as how to evaluate an athletes’ nutritional evaluation.
  • Understand periodization as it pertains to program design, and implementation of macrocycles, mesocycles, and microcycles across various athletics teams throughout a yearly athletic calendar encompassing al phases of their training (in-season, off-season, pre-season).

Through this experience the prospective intern will gain the skills necessary to lead a group of athletes and develop programs. It is our goal that each student intern will move on to a graduate assistant opportunity within the NCAA upon completion of the internship. If you are interested in any of these internship positions please send a letter of interest, copy of your resume, 3 professional references, and a brief video (approx. 3 min) explaining why you want to intern at Saint Leo University to the address below. The level of initiative set forth by our interns will determine their overall learning experience.

Hans Straub
Director of Strength & Conditioning
352-588-8866 (o)
352-588-8290 (f)