SLU Fitness Center Rules and Regulations



1. Only SLU students, faculty and staff may use the Fitness Center with a valid SLU ID. Community/General Public members may use the  Fitness Center with a valid SLU Fitness Membership ID. Either a SLU ID or a SLU Fitness Membership ID must be presented and turned in  to the  front desk attendant for admittance into the Fitness Center. 

2. Current SLU students, faculty, staff or Community/General Public members may sponsor 2 guests over the age of 18 per day for $5.00 each  per day. Guests must present and turn in a valid driver’s license to the front desk attendant for admittance into the Fitness Center.  Members are responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests and must accompany them at all times. Guests will leave the   facility at the same time as the patron. 

3. Drinks (including water) must be in a sealed container, no food permitted.  Drinking fountains are located in the Center.

4. Dress code: Tennis shoes (no flip-flops or sandals), T-shirts, shorts or sweats must be worn at all times. Tank tops are allowed as  long as no mid-drift is showing. 

5. Please place books, backpacks in the designated location near front desk of Fitness Center. There is a key rack at the front desk for  keys.

6. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and pets are not allowed in the facility.

7. The use of the facility is a privilege. Individuals not cooperating with established policies will be asked to leave.

8. “Spotters" should be used for free weights. Please remove and re-rack weights after use.

9. Weights are not to be taken from the designated area. Respect the equipment, do not drop or slam weights or machines.

10. Free weights must be replaced in the appropriate racks after use. Use a paper towel and wipe down the station before using another.

11. Profanity will not be tolerated!

12. No more than 20 minutes at a time on cardiovascular equipment when others are waiting.

13. Report any broken equipment to the fitness center supervisor at the desk.

14. The phone is for local calls only; the emergency number is 8333.

15. The radio/CD player & TV’s will be under the supervision of the front desk attendant. 

16. Only SLU fitness staff, or approved students may provide consistent personalized exercise instruction with the Fitness Center. “NO  PERSONAL TRAINING”

17. Lockers are provided for daily use only.

18. Failure to abide by the Rules & Regulations (both written and unwritten), may result in suspension or revocation of usage. Violators may also face      University disciplinary actions.

19. The Fitness Director and Staff reserve the right to deny admittance to anyone at any time.