NCAA Compliance Information for Boosters

Saint Leo University is committed to the growth of our student-athletes. We believe in the concept of shared compliance responsibilities. Members of the athletic department, other institutional staff members, student-athletes, and individuals and groups representing Saint Leo University's athletics interests are responsible for ensuring Saint Leo University's commitment to integrity and rules compliance.

Saint Leo University abides by the principle of institutional control in operating the athletic program consistent with rules and regulations set forth by the NCAA and the Sunshine State Conference. We are committed to maintaining control of the athletic programs through cooperation and communication between responsible administrators, coaches, faculty, all institutional staff members, student-athletes, and representatives of Saint Leo University's athletic interests. The following information is provided to assist boosters in making good decisions regarding prospective and enrolled student-athletes.

Are you a representative of Saint Leo University Athletics interests?

You are a representative of Saint Leo University's athletics interests, more commonly known as a "booster," if you meet any of the following conditions:
• You have ever been a member of any organization that promotes Saint Leo University's athletics programs (i.e., Green & Gold Club).
• You have made a financial contribution to the Saint Leo University athletic department or its booster organization.
• You are or have been a season ticket holder in any sport.
• You have provided permissible benefits to enrolled student-athletes.
• You have ever been involved in promoting Saint Leo University athletics in any way.

Who is a prospective student-athlete?

A prospective student-athlete or "prospect," is any individual who has started classes for the ninth grade. In addition, student-athletes enrolled in preparatory school or two-year colleges are considered prospects. In other words, a student remains a prospect until enrollment at a four-year college or university.

What is a contact?
A contact is any face-to-face encounter between a prospect or the prospect's parent or legal guardian and an institutional staff member during which any dialogue occurs in excess of an exchange of a greeting.

What role may boosters play in recruiting?
Only Saint Leo University coaches who have successfully completed the NCAA Coaches Certification Exam are permitted to be involved in the recruitment of student-athletes. Boosters must adhere to NCAA and SSC regulations regarding recruiting.

Saint Leo University boosters MAY NOT:
• Make recruiting contacts with prospects or their relatives, including phone calls, letters, emails, instant messages, facsimiles, or meetings.
• Assist Saint Leo University coaches by securing transcripts, film, or any other information pertaining to a prospect's ability from the prospect's current educational institution.
• Provide financial aid or benefit of any kind (i.e., clothing, special discounts, lodging, meals, transportation, tickets, loans) to prospects or their relatives.
• Make contact with a prospective student-athlete or his/her parents when the prospect is on campus for an official or unofficial visit.
• Contact a prospect to congratulate him/her on signing a National Letter of Intent to attend Saint Leo University.
• Provide transportation or arrange for payment of transportation costs for a prospect or his/her relatives or friends to visit campus.
• Earmark funds for specific prospects to attend an Saint Leo University summer camp.
• Employ or arrange for employment of a prospect before the completion of his/her senior year. After graduation, a booster may employ a student-athlete, provided that the compensation for work performed is commensurate with the going rate.
• Provide anything to a prospect or the prospect's family or friends without prior approval from the Compliance Office.

Saint Leo University boosters MAY:
• Communicate with Saint Leo University coaches regarding prospects.
• View a prospect's athletic contest on your own initiative, provided you do not contact the prospect or his/her relatives or coach.
• Continue established relationships with prospects' family members or friends, provided contacts are not made for recruiting purposes or are arranged by an Saint Leo University staff member.
• Employ a prospect after they have signed a National Letter of Intent and have graduated from high school, provided the compensation for work performed is commensurate with the going rate.

What are boosters permitted to do in regards to enrolled student-athletes?

Saint Leo University boosters MAY NOT:
• Pay or arrange for payment of room, board or any type of transportation at any time for currently enrolled student-athletes, their relatives, or their friends.
• Provide student-athletes with any sort of extra benefit, which refers to any special arrangement to provide a student-athlete or his/her relatives or friends with a benefit unavailable to the general student population.
• Provide student-athletes with any special discount, consignment of a loan, credits on a purchase (i.e., airline tickets, clothing) or services (i.e., dry cleaning, transportation).
• Allow the student-athlete to use your telephone or provide a calling card for the student-athlete to make free calls.
• Provide awards or gifts to student-athletes for any reason without permission by the Compliance Office.
• Entertain or provide meals or beverages to student-athletes or their family and friends.

Saint Leo University boosters MAY:
• Employ a student-athlete, provided the compensation for work performed is commensurate with the going rate.
• Invite a student-athlete or an entire team to your home for an occasional meal. The meal may be catered, but must take place in your home and must be restricted to special occasions. Saint Leo University asks that you seek approval from the Compliance Office prior to the meal.

What are the consequences if any of these rules are breached?
Under NCAA rules, Saint Leo University is responsible for all actions of its boosters. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make you aware of consequences for violating the rules described within this website. Boosters found in violation are subject to losing benefits and privileges, including season passes. In addition, the NCAA Committee on Infractions has required institutions to disassociate boosters from the institution.