Forty-Four Student-Athletes Named to Spring 2013 President’s Club

Forty-Four Student-Athletes Named to Spring 2013 President’s Club

SAINT LEO, Fla. – The Saint Leo University Department of Athletics is proud to unveil the Spring 2013 President’s Club members list.  On Tuesday, September 10, 44 student-athletes will be acknowledged for their efforts in the Spring 2013 semester with the bi-yearly President’s Club honor.

Two eight-time recipients lead the way as cross country runner Eric Dirth and volleyball player Lucy Fricker find themselves on the list with a group that holds 10 4.0 grade-point averages, and 26 student-athletes with a GPA over 3.9.  Both Dirth and Fricker graduated this past May after very successful academic and athletic careers with the Lions.

The President’s Club was created to honor Saint Leo student-athletes who are in the top 15 percent academically among all student-athletes for the sports played during the fall or spring semester. 

Each of the honorees will join Saint Leo University President Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr., along with several Saint Leo faculty, staff and members of the athletic department, for a special luncheon celebrating their accomplishments.  This Fall’s festivities will be held on the Saint Leo campus with the luncheon happening at the Student Community Center Boardrooms on Tuesday, September 10, at 11:45 a.m.

Spring 2013 President’s Club Honorees

Eight-Time Recipients
Eric Dirth    Men’s Cross Country    4.00*
Lucy Fricker    Volleyball    3.95*
Six-Time Recipients
Katherine David    Women’s Swimming    4.00*
Line Pedersen    Women’s Soccer    4.00
Jenna Gimbel    Women’s Golf    3.93

Five-Time Recipients
Laura Kemkes    Women’s Tennis    3.91

Four-Time Recipients
LeeAnn Antuna    Women’s Cross Country    4.00
Marcus Ruh    Men’s Basketball    4.00*
Matthew Nicholson-Lewis    Men’s Tennis    3.93
Chloe Pellican    Women’s Swimming    3.93
Karl Tapper    Men’s Soccer    3.90*
Nicole Sirota Plotnikov    Women’s Lacrosse    3.89
Elyse Snyder    Women’s Cross Country    3.89
Alyssa Barrett    Women’s Golf    3.87
Jesper Otterstedt    Men’s Soccer    3.84*
Maria Benkirane    Women’s Tennis    3.81

Three-Time Recipients
Matthew Hewitt    Baseball    3.92*
Viktor Wikner    Men’s Soccer    3.89*

Two-Time Recipients
Carl Dunne    Men’s Cross Country    4.00
Manuel Schoenhuber    Men’s Soccer    4.00
Vincent Wiskowski    Men’s Soccer    4.00
Brittany Ewing    Softball    3.98
Ryan Connors    Men’s Golf    3.94
Erin Bobsein    Women’s Swimming    3.93
Jessica LoBianco    Softball    3.93
Matt Wilson    Men’s Lacrosse    3.92
Sarah Steiner    Softball    3.87
Alphonsius Verberne    Men’s Tennis    3.87
Kaitlyn Hite    Women’s Swimming    3.81
David Moore    Men’s Lacrosse    3.80
Alyssa Viscomi    Women’s Lacrosse    3.80

First-Time Recipients
Pauline Helgesson    Women’s Tennis    4.00
Valentin Lenz    Men’s Cross Country    4.00
Alexandra Givens    Women’s Soccer    3.95
Matheus Assis    Men’s Swimming    3.93
Austin Grey    Men’s Golf    3.92
Evelyn O’toole    Women’s Swimming    3.92
Joanna Chadwick    Women’s Lacrosse    3.84
Ismail Lemtouni    Men’s Tennis    3.84
Elise Clyburn    Women’s Basketball    3.83
Allison Knipe    Women’s Cross Country    3.80
Teresa Manigrasso    Women’s Basketball    3.80
Ryan Sadler    Baseball    3.80
Michael Walker    Men’s Cross Country    3.80